Frequently asked questions

General Design FAQs

What's the difference between RGB and CMYK?

RGB refers to the primary colors of light, Red, Green and Blue, that are used in monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. CMYK refers to the primary colors of pigment: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. ... The combination of RGB light creates white, while the combination of CMYK inks creates black. A good rule of thumb is anything dealing with the web should always be in RGB and printed material should be in CMYK. But very few designers and clients know why this is the standard. Back in the printing press days, to achieve color, each ink (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) had its own plate. In this video, we explain what RGB and CMYK are, the differences between the two, and what affect they can have on printing.

Can I use my own logo, designs and photos?

Of course! You can easily email them to use or bring to the store and we will upload them to our computers. If you have a small problem with your design and don’t have the tools or resources to amend it, our customer service team might be able to help out.

What file types do you accept?

To help as many people as possible, we accept a range of different formats. These are: GIF, PNG, JPEG, PD, PSD, AI, CorelDraw, etc. These are the formats we would recommend: For photography: high resolution JPEGs (preferably un-compressed) For Graphics or Text: print-ready, vector based PDFs For a mix of graphics and photography: print-ready PDFs

Does EnsightGrfx offer design services?

Absolutely! Our team will customize a unique design just for you. Never duplicated from someone else!

What is bleed, trim and safe area?

Bleed This is the portion of your design that will be trimmed off when the card is cut to the final size. Its purpose is to make sure your design or image reaches right to the very edge of the cards, leaving no unsightly white edges. If you're designing your own artwork, you'll need to make your artwork 'Full Bleed' size to account for this. You'll find a list of 'Full Bleed' recommended sizes here, or we have a range of templates available for every product. Trim This is the final size of your cards, after the 'bleed' has been cut off. Safe area This is an area inside the 'Trim'. Being smaller than your final card, the safe area is kept well away from blades and cutting machines, and so this is where you should place your most important information or sections of your design. Anything outside of this area runs a risk of being cut off!